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Monday, 7 November 2016

Seawatch at Walcott: hundreds of Eiders but no auks!

With a northerly gale and sunny spells forecast, I drove north-east to Walcott, arriving just after eight. The waves and spume were crashing over the sea wall, so things looked promising: I could watch and take photos from the comfort of the car!

In the event I didn't see a single auk of any species, but there were lots of wildfowl heading north: Eiders, Wigeon, Pintail, Teal, Brents and Scoter, as well as a good passage of Gannets.

After an hour or so I turned for home, deciding on a stop at Limpenhoe on the way. Despite a good search along the hedges and in gardens and paddocks, I failed to find the Rose-coloured Starling: glad I made the effort on Saturday!

On the way home through the byways of the Yare Valley, I came across a decent flock of Fieldfares at Southwood: what lovely birds these are!


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