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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Waxwings at Holt, Rose-coloured Starling at Limpenhoe and fabulous Bramblings at Felbrigg!

Linda, as well as being my wife, business partner and accountant is also my lucky charm! Our early relationship developed through birding and we've shared over 400 UK species together over the past 25 years or so: when she's with me, I hardly ever dip!

Today was a case in point: we drove out to Walcott in the hope of a sea-passage (there wasn't one!) before carrying on to Holt. Virtually the first birds we saw (thanks to birding chum Keith!) were thirty or so Waxwings. When the birds flew off, it was Linda's hunch to go the opposite way  to their apparent direction of flight: in minutes she'd found them again at even closer range. Despite the pouring rain we enjoyed excellent views, before heading home via Felbrigg. On a whim, I drove to the main car park, where a flock of around thirty absolutely stonking Bramblings posed for us at ranges down to ten feet!

After lunch and some meteorite business I popped out to add Rose-coloured Starling to my Yare Valley list: a delightful little waif, albeit never close enough for really good photography...

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