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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Reeve's Pheasants a stone's throw from my front door!

Peter, a friend from our local church, recently tipped me off that he'd seen some Reeve's Pheasants 'somewhere on the Heath', so I went for a look and found five: two females and three splendid males!

I've never seen a female before and, in their own way, they are splendid birds with a kind of velvet-chocolate plumage. The males, of course, are stunning! These had full tails, unlike the Strumpshaw birds last month.

To find a flock of these scrummy birds so near my own front door is really terrific: bear in mind - there are more Reeve's Pheasants 'in the wild ' than there are either Golden or Lady Amsherst's (and I won't charge you thirty quid to see them!)

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