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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Super Moon over King's Lynn

On Monday night, the evening of the infamous super moon, I was giving a talk to the delightful members of the King's Lynn Astronomical Society ('Comets, impacts and global extinctions') The whole experience was really good fun: they are a receptive, friendly crowd, who listened attentively (without falling asleep!) and asked some terrific questions in the Q&A session.

As we were packing up and carrying stuff out to the car, the clouds, which had been eight oktas all day, suddenly thinned out allowing good views - and photos - of the Moon. As I remarked yesterday, even a 14% size increase just wasn't noticeable, particularly with the Moon still high in the sky.

On the way home, through the tiny backroads towards Watton, we saw two beautiful, ghostly Barn Owls: always a delight. I also attach photos of some of the Pink-footed Geese that over-flew the house as I was loading up in the afternoon: one of the many reasons I love living where I do!

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