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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Getting them in singles!

I know - I just know - that 2021 will produce my lowest ever year-list. Starting with an open-ended lockdown, I really doubt that we'll be enjoying any freedom of movement until early summer. Last year's constraints cost Linda, Brian, Norman and me our annual birding expedition (it was going to be Wales) As I result I failed to see Wood Warbler, Pied Fly, Chough, Redstart and all the auks. What's more, I didn't manage to pick any of these up on migration or during seawatches (apart from Guillemot!) I have a feeling this year will be even more barren. You never know: there's always the outside chance of a few unexpected goodies like the Lammergeier and Bushchat!

Still: there's a certain frisson in finding new birds on the patch during exercise walks: today's odds and ends included Moorhen and Chaffinch!

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