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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Seventy! I made it!!!

People who know me really well might be as surprised as I am that I finally made it to seventy! I've crashed a few aircraft, sunk a few boats - sunk more than a few bottles of wine - survived chest surgery and pneumonia and a frankly hedonistic life style when I was younger... but here I am!

Despite lockdown, my dear friends Jason, Paul, Sue & Peter and step-children Emily & Simon made sure it was a memorable day, with presents that display an amazing knowledge of my interests! The postman bought lots of cards too, from friends, clients and ex-pupils, while I also received a score of e-mails, including two special ones from my birding buddies Brian & Norman: made me feel quite loved...

As well as my new telescope, Linda bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers and an oil painting that we'd seen months ago on a day out with Sue and Peter.

So: thanks to you all and to readers of my daily diary.


high peak said...

Many happy returns David, hopefully the 2nd half of the year brings some normality for us all.

David said...

Yes indeed! Thanks, 'High'!