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Sunday, 10 January 2021

We're all doomed!

Today I took my allowed four mile walk from front door to front door, through the narrow lanes and public footpaths between the A47 and the South Walsham Road. Despite not leaving home until gone 10.00am, I managed to add a new bird to my local patch list: a Stonechat. (Details later)

Several factors lead me to believe that until  - or if - we are all vaccinated, C-19 and its variants will continue to rip through the population. Amazingly, the cluster of small villages that includes mine has the highest case rate in Broadland: up by 240% in a week. Following my walk, I reckon I can guess why:

  • Half way around my walk I started to count the cars that sped by, forcing me to lurch into the hedge: 92... NINETY TWO! I really don't believe that all of these were on 'essential journeys': especially not those holding families of four or five. I think a lot of them were having 'recreational drives' but avoiding the main roads (and the Police!)
  • I came across an elderly couple parked by the side of the road, sitting in fold-away chairs enjoying a flask of tea. I gently informed them that picnics are not really allowed (Shades of Derbyshire!) They replied that they weren't doing any harm and that I should mind my own business!
  • Several houses in the village where elderly singles or couples live have multiple cars parked in their drives: seemingly this is families getting together for Sunday lunch.
Oh well: I suppose I'll have to start my walks earlier and stay inside the rest of the day!

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