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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Lockdown? Just for we peasants!

From our back garden yesterday it sounded like the Somme Barrage: for several hours the sound of shotguns echoed across the Heath. From past experience, I suspect this to have been a 'game shoot', during which Pheasants and Partridges are blasted out of the sky by hooray-Henries who've paid plenty for the privilege. This, of course, is the same crew who were strongly suspected of having shot a Little Bustard a few years back. Just a couple of thoughts:

  • Where did these 'syndicate guns' come from? Not within walking distance, I'm sure
  • How does being driven on a trailer to kill birds constitute 'essential exercise'?
  • How much longer will we have to tolerate these archaic blood sports?
Even if it were a rough shoot (pigeons, rabbits and hares) what possible justification can there be for killing wild animals for fun?


Sue R said...

With you 100% there David. Sue Rowe

David said...

Thank you, Sue...

Stewart said...

I dont think Lockdown Rules are implemented until Today ( 6th) officially?
Shooting is not allowed though.

David said...

Hi Stewart!
You might well be right - but that doesn't excuse the mindset of these medievalists!