Sunday, 25 October 2015

Even closer!

If you haven't yet made the effort to crawl out of bed before it's fully light, you really should!
Venus, Jupiter and Mars are even closer in the eastern sky: a spectacular and rare sight...  Orion is still fighting his bull just above the southern horizon!

(Incidentally: isn't it interesting that when I post snatched photos of something not particularly unusual taken in bad light or poor contrast, they attract more than a few sarcastic comments and pms, either here or on other people's twitter a/cs, yet when I get decent images of birds like the RLB below [all without creeping forward like some habitually do] no-one ever comments!)


easternbushchat said...

Well let's put that right straight away! The RLB images are excellent and left me quite envious. Well done. The issue with comments just reflects human nature I guess, people seem very slow to post positive feedback which sometimes leaves me wondering whether anyone actually reads what I post. I wish I could rely on the blogger stats to provide comfort but I don't think they are anywhere near accurate. Never mind the odd crumb scattered by a few friends does make it all worthwhile. Also like your astronomical posts - may even get out of bed early tomorrow to have a look. Cheers.

David said...

Well I definitely read your posts! I suppose (as Oscar Wilde reputedly said) "There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about!"
Take care, Buddy!