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Friday 25 August 2017

Caspian dip at Breydon - again! - but Black Tern and decent waders.

It's a Yare Valley year tick thing, really: I've seen a dozen Caspian Terns over the years, but I would like to add this one to the list (which has somewhat faltered in recent weeks!) Accordingly when the bird appeared on early tweets, I checked with Linda before driving east.

As I turned right over the bridge (assuming the CT would be in front of the Rugby Club) I noticed a group of locals standing by the roadside scanning the Lumps. I turned back as soon as I could, parked at Asda and trotted up to the hide. A visitor from Cambridge was methodically checking the birds, but hadn't found the Caspian. Quite soon we were joined by Keith Dye, who told us the bird had flown across from the south side earlier in the morning, but hadn't been refound. It was such an excellent morning (although lots of heat haze!) we sat and watched for a couple of hours, during which time we enjoyed a Black Tern, over 1,000 Avocets and a flock of Golden Plover that was spooked by a Hobby. Perhaps 7 or 8 Whimbrel twittered backwards and forwards and, last knockings, Keith found a Grey Plover. No Caspian, but an enjoyable session.

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