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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

It's becoming a habit! Stone Curlew blank in the Brecks...

While chatting with the inestimable Sue Bryan at Titchwell last week, we mentioned that a few Stone Curlews were already gathering at the well-known site on Cavenham Heath: she informed us that much larger numbers were available at a pig unit in West Norfolk. Accordingly, Brian Norman and I made an early start and arrived on site by 8.00am. Despite diligent searching of the whole area we failed to locate a single bird! Assuming that they may have moved across to Cavenham, we decided to follow them: again, despite an hour's search we couldn't find a single Stonie! Have they all left already? Or have they not yet assembled?

Since it was still early we carried on east to Lackford: sadly, the result was the same - absolutely nothing of note presented itself. The only pictures I took from the hides were of a charming family of Moorhens, a low-passing KC-135 tanker on finals and some of the surprisingly large flock of Pochard. The walk back to the car added Green Woodpecker to the somewhat sparse daylist, while the most exciting (but un-snappable) item of the day was a very close Osprey Rotor Plane over the A11

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