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Monday, 14 August 2017

Random Ali G reference!

Strange to relate, I'm a big fan of multi-talented, highly educated performer Sacha Baron Cohen. I readily accept that his output is often very close to the knuckle (or, let's be honest, way past some of the time) but he can be a refreshingly courageous iconoclast: his legendary interviews with people like Donald Trump, Buzz Aldrin and the Beckhams are, IMHO, really worth watching.

He once had some success in the music field with his recording of 'Me Julie', with US-Jamaican singer Shaggy. In this amusing offering, Ali G claims descent from Bob Marley, stating that his nan had a fling with the reggae legend '...round the back of the Crooked Billet, Iver Heath, behind the bins, during his world tour of Staines and Egham in '75' Here's the Youtube clip:

When Linda and I were staying in Maidenhead recently, we passed this landmark and just had to take a photo. I wonder if there's any reference to Ali G inside the pub?

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