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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bits and pieces at Strumpshaw and happy birthday, big Bro'!

It being Brian's 'Vol Ranger Day', Tuesday morning has become the regular get-together at the Fen for the LotSW crew. Despite the run of unpromising winds and a less than optimistic weather forecast, we accordingly met in Fen Hide at around 7.15 to catch up on the news and plan the week's whole-day outing. Brian Shreeve is usually there too, so the craik is always enjoyable.

In truth there was very little worth pointing a camera at: a Reeve's Pheasant as I arrived at the reserve required flash, while a tagged Marsh Harrier (No 19) gave the local crows the run round. Five Chinese Water Deer flirted in front of the hide for over an hour and the riverside walk turned up a not totally unexpected Stonechat.

Great to chat with my elder brother Rob this afternoon: over fifty years ago, it was he that introduced me to birding. Like me, his passion hasn't diminished and, like me, he has recently enhanced his birding days with a decent camera and 300 prime. He regaled me with his latest experiences in Saudi Arabia, France and the north east and we mused about meeting up on the Farnes or somewhere in the future. What a guy! Happy Birthday, Rob!

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