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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

An amazing meteorite

As many of you may know: the 'building blocks' of the Solar System are generally thought to have been small, spherical objects known as chondrules. Along with the Sun, it is believed that these condensed within the Solar Nebula from the dust and gas generated by an earlier supernova. They accreted over time to form bigger and bigger lumps, ultimately producing the planets, satellites and asteroids that make up the Solar System.

Only the most ancient and primitive meteorites still contain chondrules: the processes of accretion and differentiation metamorphise them out of existence. I was delighted, therefore, when one of the various cutters with whom I deal sent me a parcel of polished slices that show some spectacular chondrules, as well as flecks of nickel iron. It's a privilege to hold these amazing, ancient relics from the birth of our Solar System... 

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