Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Greater Butterfly Orchid

It's been a great year for orchids so far: I think I've seen seven species, including a couple of unusual species. Today I added Greater Butterfly Orchid to the tally, entirely thanks to James Emerson of 'Birds and Beer'

To find the four or five spectacular flower heads took me a ridiculous amount of time, simply because I didn't spot the narrow gap that led to the glade where they were situated, despite James' perfect instructions!

Sometimes a new bird / insect / flower can be a little underwhelming, but not in this case! The flowers were absolutely stunning (although not as good a mimic of an insect as some species!)

The glades and rides of this ancient woodland held lots of orchids: the ones I could definitely identify included Early Purple Orchid, Common Spotted Orchid and - I think - Southern Marsh Orchid. If anyone sees anything else in the photos, do please let me know!


James Emerson said...

I'm glad you found the Greater Butterfly Orchids. The three photos at the bottom of the post are all Common Spotted Orchids - confusingly at Foxley some of them have unspotted leaves.

David said...

Cheers James: that's what I'd decided too...