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Sunday, 5 June 2016


Back home on the Heath, I had to catch up on a weekend's-worth of e-mails: I receive around 300 a day! Occasionally I glanced out to watch the local Buzzards / Kestrels / Sprawks etc, but didn't stop for photos. Just before dusk I noticed the window of my office had a fair sprinkling of micro-moths: looking closely, I realised these were the much-vaunted continental Diamondback Moths.

Naturally I thought I'd grab a couple of images, but was surprised to discover how timid and flighty they were! Still: I captured a few dodgy pics in the gloaming of some examples on the Buddleia and stock: during a quick stroll around the garden I counted well over 150!

Good to hear a male Tawny Owl hooting away in our big oak tree.



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