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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hickling Broad: an Elephant in the room!

The Summer Wine Crew decided on a morning at Hickling, more for the walk and the company than the expectation of anything special.

Lots of Little Egrets graced the scrapes: fascinating to see them by the side of Carrion Crows, showing how teensy they are! Plenty of newly-fledged Swallows on the wires - what excellent little birds: how we miss them during the Winter!

A couple of Marsh Harriers hawked over the reedbeds: the male had an incredible white rump patch..

On the walk round to Stubb's Mill we came across a newly-emerged Elephant Hawk Moth: I have to admit, this was a first for me! Again: what a gorgeous creature...

No Cranes at the Watchpoint, but we met a charming couple from Chesterfield on a walking holiday: the husband had jammed in on some excellent rarities in the past, but hadn't gone to see the Crag Martin!



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