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Monday, 27 June 2016

Caspian Tern at Breydon Water: back for seconds!

On my way to post a few parcels, I detoured to Breydon Water for another look at the long-staying Caspian Tern. It's been around nearly as long as the Great Knot, so a lot of people are enjoying the chance to catch up with the species.

I walked along to the hide on a falling tide, meeting Steve Smith outside. The bird hadn't been seen for a while, so we had a 'mardle' before someone popped their head out of the hide to say the Caspian was on a distant sandbank.

After a good look through Steve's scope, I realised the bird would be much nearer if viewed from the south shore by the tern platforms, so I made the mile and a half walk. Of course, birds are almost always a long way away and in the heat haze at Breydon, but I was quite pleased with my pictures.

By the side of Breydon there were several clumps of Salsify - this time the purple colour variety. As I stopped to grab a photo, I heard the unmistakeable call of a quail of some kind: much softer and less staccato than 'our' quails, I guess this must have been the reported escaped bird.

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