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Friday, 10 June 2016

Rock & Gem Shows

Several people have been kind enough to ask where Linda and I sell our meteorites and space-themed jewellery: generally speaking, the answer is online from our websites:

However, we still attend mineral and Rock & Gem Shows, as well as a number of important astronomical events. We used to be 'on the road' fifty weekends a year, but these days we keep the number down to a dozen or so: typically these will be ones we enjoy (Kempton Park and Sidmouth, for example) or those which, additionally, are prestigious (Cambridge and Oxford)
If you've never attended a Rock & Gem Show, they are held all over the country and are terrific fun for anyone with an interest in gemstones, fossils, semi-precious jewellery, prehistoric implements - or meteorites!

Here are a couple of photos from last weekend's event:

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