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Monday, 6 June 2016

Swallowtails and Hawkers: Summer comes to Strumpshaw!

I finished unloading the van after the weekends excursion south (Kempton Park Rock & Gem Show) and decided I had a window of opportunity for a walk around the Fen in the delightful sunshine!

Along the Sandy Path a few newly-emerged Black-tailed Skimmers warmed themselves, while the Meadow Trail produced Hairy Hawkers, Norfolk Hawkers and a Four-spotted Chaser. Along the riverside I added Scarce and Broad-bodied Chaser, while Lackford Run held a number of Banded Demoiselles. A Cetti's Warbler or two peeped from the increasingly dense foliage...

The Doctor's Garden gave me my first Painted Lady of the year (added to by one on my roof when I arrived home!) while the flower garden by Reception contained a very obliging Swallowtail, enjoyed by many - not the least a delightful lady of 101years of age (Born the year the First World War broke out!)

Other highlights included Bee Orchid and Twayblade, as well as a few Buzzards.

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