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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Fen Orchids and Marsh Helleborines

Like me, Martin is interested in all wildlife (except slugs!) and, having found the Greater Butterfly Orchids at Foxley for himself, was keen to visit my local Fen Orchids.

Following the recent torrential rain, the marshy area where these delicate little plants are growing is a real quaking quagmire: I was wearing boots, but Martin had to wade in bare feet! We found even more Fen Orchids than on my previous visit and growing alongside them were two newly-erupted Marsh Helleborines. Although not yet fully open, they were a delightful addition to the daylist!

If you know the location and decide on a visit, do be careful where you tread: the Fen Orchids are very easy to overlook and not all are indicated with garden canes...

On the way back home, two Little Owls allowed close views in an ancient oak tree. Always a pleasure to encounter, these were particularly cute!

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