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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Pallid Harrier at Welney

Brian and I combined a visit to a Stone Curlew gathering on the edge of the Brecks (photos tomorrow!) with a drive across to Welney for a stab at the recently-present Pallid Harrier. Arriving at around 10, we played it cool by enjoying coffee and croissants (and the large flock of Tree Sparrows) before hiking north to the Lyle Hide. After a short wait, I located the Pallid Harrier at the far side of the scrubby fields to the north west. To our delight (and that of the only other person in the hide!) the bird drifted nearer until it reached a reedy dyke: this it flew along until it was just two hundred or so metres away!

Once the bird had flown out of sight we returned to the main hide by the footbridge: after another short wait the Harrier reappeared at reasonable range before pouncing on a pheasant and dropping out of sight. I don't usually post lots of photos of the same bird, but this was too special not to!

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