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Monday, 3 September 2018

Raveningham Sculpture Exhibition

Our neighbours Sue & Peter are always finding interesting things for us to do: this weekend it was a hop across the Reedham Ferry to Raveningham for a walk around the sculpture trail.

We already knew one of the artists: we've bought several of his pieces in the past, including the large dragonfly perched on a reed mace stem. A few of the exhibits were frankly a little 'challenging' (there was a forty-foot collage made from crisp packets!) but we thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. The standard of the artwork was, IMHO, exceptional and we bought a few more pieces for our own 'sculpture trail'!

Home for supper (paella), a 'couple' of bottles of wine and, for Peter and me, the delight of watching England win the test series against India.

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