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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Corona virus: everything is shutting down...

One by one the events that 'Spacerocks UK' had planned to attend have been cancelled or postponed - at the moment the only one left on our calendar is the Kelling Heath Star Party in April: watch this space... So if you were hoping to look at or buy a meteorite from us at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge next weekend, I'm afraid you can't! (Of course, our online trade is unaffected - booming, in fact!)

I can perfectly understand - in the litigious age in which we live - that organisers are under great pressure to postpone or cancel these large public events, but unless everyone on the planet 'self-isolates' for six months, I don't see that doing so will ultimately make a difference. Many of the visitors to the Cambridge Science Festival are either students or school-age children, who will continue to be jammed together in classrooms, lecture halls or (in the case of the students!) bars, clubs and music venues.

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