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Saturday, 7 March 2020

It's an Urban Jungle out there!

Linda and I have always had a penchant for unusual or ancient plants - you may recollect that we have a collection of ten or so prehistoric species, including a large Wollemi Pine. We have a somewhat pressing need to raise the height of our eastern boundary (before the somewhat selfish elderly person who lives beyond it has an 'investment bungalow' built within two metres of our fence!)

We used to buy our exotics at a wonderful little nursery at Fundenhall: sadly, this closed down some years ago. However, Linda was keen to investigate a new location at Old Costessey: it's called 'Urban Jungle' and thoroughly deserves its name! I can thoroughly recommend a visit: there are lots of superb plants at very attractive prices! We bought a couple of ten-footers, including one I'd never heard of: Drimys winteri. I'm reliably informed that this plant was first collected in Tierra del Fuego during one of Drake's voyages: it helped ward off scurvy then and for centuries afterwards!

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