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Monday, 2 March 2020

It wasn't me, Guv!

Just had a 'phone call from Dot and Steve (from Cantley!) advising me that some a*sehole has been using my name to justify sitting in a sensitive area of Winterton Dunes in full camo, trying to photograph S1 birds on or near their nest. (This person can't know me socially, because no-one ever calls me 'Dave')

Let's put this straight:

*I have no idea who this person is - certainly neither I nor any of my birding / photographer friends would do such a thing
* I certainly wouldn't advocate nor condone such behaviour

As I said to Dot when we were chatting tonight: like all birders, I have come across bad behaviour by birders, photographers and most other users of the countryside: it's not something that is unique to any one group. What I find most irritating about this incident is that my name has been used to justify an action that I would always condemn....

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