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Friday, 27 March 2020

'Essential journeys'? I think not!

Just back from my one-a-day walk around the Heath: saw one or two nice things that I'll post later. What I did find slightly difficult to understand is the number of 'Home Improvement' vans parked in people's drives: I saw rooves being laid, curtains and carpets fitted, small building work, electricians fitting outside lights.... How much - if any - of this can really be justified within the Governments current regulations?

Like a lot of other self-employed people, Linda and I have seen a dramatic fall in our incomes: three big events have been postponed, several lectures and smaller Astronomy events have been cancelled: we've lost hundreds in non-returnable hotel bookings and attendance fees. Unlike many others, though, we're not entitled to claim loss of earnings. And unlike the tradesmen above, I can't visit my customers at their homes, shops or business premises.

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