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Monday, 2 March 2020

Great White Egret in Norwich!

I had yet another trip to the dentist's today, so Linda and I decided to do a spot of shopping at Tesco's on the way home. Our default store is the one at Harford Bridge on the A140, which passes over the River Yare just south of the 'Marsh Harrier' pub.

As we crossed the bridge, I glanced upstream, reflecting on how good the Chub fishing had been along this stretch of the river when I was a really keen angler thirty years ago. Two white 'blobs' caught my attention: the nearer was a Little Egret, but the second was obviously a Great White.

After we'd completed our shopping, we took a detour down Marston Lane, parking in the one available space at the start of the Yare footpath. As you can see below, the river had flooded the surrounding meadows, creating a perfect habitat for the Egrets. A short walk revealed that the Great White had moved further away, and that Linda's phone camera wasn't going to give us any award-winning images! Nevertheless, it was nice to get a record of one of these increasingly-abundant, beautiful birds within a short distance of the school where Linda had been Bursar until recently!

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