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Friday, 20 March 2020

Red Kite over the garden and marine tank update

For several days in a row we've had a Red Kite over the garden: Peter and Sue have seen it more often than we have (their rear windows have an enviable view over the neighbouring farmland) Today I managed to grab a quick shot through the office window: I have no idea if these lovely birds are nesting nearby, but there's plenty of suitable habitat.

I know it's nothing compared with what many people are experiencing, but our marine tank poses a few problems in the current crisis. Any marine set up - and particularly a reef system - requires frequent water changes to keep the levels of toxins such as nitrates and amines down to the minimum. You can't, of course, use tap water for this: it has to be chemically pure reverse osmosis water, to which the right mixture of salts has to be added. We're hoping that our regular supplier will stay open for the duration, otherwise our beautiful little organisms will be in trouble...

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